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Research Methodology

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The qualitative research process at MGI relies on primary research and access to an extensive network of technology industry contacts. MGI analysts focus on identifying and monitoring key indicators of change in various industry trends by isolating trends that have disruptive potential. Within the research process, the analysts define key issues and trend indicators, gather field data, formulate prognosis of possible outcomes, and outline mid to long-term scenarios with an objective of translating this research into relevant and actionable client advice - what is referred to as Actionable Intelligenceā„¢. A key technique of MGI scenario development is the Discontinuity Analysis, - a process of analyzing the interplay between current (incumbent) and emerging (challenger) trends and a review of economics, technology, and user adoption factors that can drive either a continuation or a breakage in the current trend.

The MGI quantitative research process complements the qualitative scenario by analyzing financial and operating data that publicly listed technology companies file with securities regulators. MGI Benchmarking generates proprietary indexes that measure and rank operating efficiency of technology firms. MGI Benchmarking metrics are completely quantitative and computational in nature and involve no analyst input.

The relationships amongst the various elements of MGI research methodology are shown below.

Research Methodology

The MGI research process never ends. Its continuous nature causes scenarios and MGI benchmarks to be updated on a regular basis.