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Saturday, Sep 19th

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Tech Trends

MGI Tech Trends coverage looks at the macro-level trends that are shaping the landscape of the technology industry. The research aims to uncover secular, multi-year trend cycles that will generate both sustainable opportunities and meaningful risks. Applying scenario analysis, Tech Trends research looks at the Tech industry through both a technological and an economic lens. Current key issues include:

  • With the slow death of Wintel, which technologies and vendors will assume the mantel of industry leadership?
  • Will Everything as a Service ever gain traction?
  • How will IT spending be allocated between maintaining existing systems and investments in innovation?
  • What are the implications of IT spend moving away from the CIO and into the business units? Which vendors will win/lose in that scenario?
  • Can mid-size vendors survive in an era of the mega vendors? 
  • How will IT spending hold up in 2011 and 2012?
  • What are the high impact, low probability events that could disrupt the IT industry?
  • Will Agile programming change the buy vs build decision in software?
  • Are the CHIAO vendors (Cisco, HP, IBM, Apple, and Oracle) the new IT oligarchs? 

What is the Impact of Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy on the Technology Sector?

Today's filling by Lehman for Chapter 11 bankruptcy further highlights how the economic meltdown in the financial services industry will translate into significant demand destruction for technology providers. Techmarket is entering a new phase where the toxic effect of bankruptcies and mergers in finance spreads from a few companies to industry as a whole and makes all tech companies vulnerable regardless of size. Click here to read the entire research note.

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