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MGI Research coverage enables IT executives, users and investors to make more informed, timely and critical go/no-go decisions on issues that directly affect valuations, market entry and exit, major investments, acquisitions and divestitures. MGI core quantitative research helps technology vendors and investors to more accurately assess and benchmark company operating performance and strategy and identify ways for improvement in growth, gains in market share and valuation multiples. MGI core quant data underpins MGI Advisory Services and Benchmarking engagements. Research themes focus on the major non-linear industry trends such as virtualization, cloud computing, SaaS, emerging mobile platforms, 4G, social media and Agile and their impact on the user, vendor and investor strategies. Access to MGI research materials is available by Subscription. Select research notes are available in our Research Store. Subscribers get priority access to all published research as well as analyst consultation. Among companies covered are, Oracle, Google, Microsoft, SAP, IBM, HP, CA, BMC and others.

MGI 360 Ratings: Steelwedge in Supply Chain Management NOV 30 2016

MGI 360 LogoINITIAL RATINGWe are initiating coverage of Steelwedge Software in Supply Chain Management market with an MGI360 Rating of 46 and a NEUTRAL outlook.

Quote-to-Cash is "Dead"

Quote-to-Cash is DeadWe believe that the concepts surrounding the traditional Quote-to-Cash (Q2C) process definitions are long overdue for a honest re-assessment. And so are the systems that support Q2C.

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Download this file (MGI Research - Quote-to-Cash is Dead - Long Live Prospect-to-Disclosure_.pdf)Quote-to-Cash is "Dead"

MGI 360 Rating - Chargeover OCT 3 2016 Billing Management Systems


We initiate coverage of Chargeover in the Billing Management market with an MGI 360 Rating of 50 and a Neutral outlook.


Supply Chain Management: Key Issues

Innovation, speed, effectiveness and accuracy in a supply chain have become the existential determinants of success for today’s consumer-centric enterprises. In this report we outline our key issues for our Supply Chain Management (SCM) research agenda.

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Download this file (MGI Research - Supply Chain Management Key Issues 2016.pdf)Supply Chain Management Systems: Key Issues

Enabling the Digital Business Platform - 20 Questions with ChikPea CEO Adam Kleinberg

The demand for cloud-based billing and order management systems is accelerating as more and more businesses large and small recognize the critical importance of offering a much wider range of pricing/business models to their customers. The earliest adopter of the platform, ChikPea is benefiting from this shift to cloud-based solutions. To give us insight into the dynamics of monetization on the platform, we invited ChikPea CEO Adam Kleinberg to join us for 20 Questions – an MGI Research Interview Series with leading technology industry executives, innovators, and investors.

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Download this file (MGI Research 20 Questions w ChikPea.pdf)20 Questions with the CEO of ChikPea Adam Kleinberg

Supply Chain Management: Honeywell May Acquire JDA Software

A First Shot in the Supply Chain Management Arms Race

The potential Honeywell (NYSE: HON) acquisition of JDA (see attached research note) not only fits this Fortune 100 company’s growth strategy, but could set off a wave of investments, mergers, divestments, and acquisitions in the supply chain technology space.  

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Download this file (Honeywell May Acquire JDA Software.pdf)Honeywell May Acquire JDA Software


This MGI FORECAST provides a quantitative estimate of the total addressable market (TAM) for Agile Monetization Platform software from 2016 to 2020.

What is Driving the Demand for Automated Revenue Recognition (ARR)?

There are two major forces driving increasing demand for tools that help automate revenue recognition processes – changes in regulation and growing adoption of flexible, consumption and subscription driven pricing models. In this research note we explore the key drivers in detail.

Enabling the Digital Transformation - 20 Questions with Navint CEO Jim Martindale

Jim Martindale CEO of NavintMost organizations attempting a go-digital strategy quickly realize the serious challenges involved in such a business transformation. Any kind of change tests a company's management skill, key processes and technological skill with the new generation of SaaS-based solutions.

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