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MGI Quant

Utilizing the MGI Index and MGI Change Vector in combination with key valuation metrics, MGI Quant helps improve the accuracy of company assessments and provide an independent benchmark of overall company performance. Investors and company executives use them to identify areas for improvement in valuation, operating performance, and bottom line results. MGI core quant data is a major input into MGI Advisory Services and Benchmarking engagements. MGI Quant scores are available for over 500 global technology vendors, and are updated on a continuous basis. Unlimited access is available by Subscription, and select research notes are available in the Research Store. Subscribers get priority access to all published research and data as well as analyst consultation.

MGI Extreme Edge - May 2009

Can the Tech Rally Last?

At a macro level we continue to see a sharp mismatch between market optimism and fundamental MGI data. We have over 100 data points from the December ’08 quarter and a growing number of results from the March ’09 quarter. Although the March scores are not all in, the tone is decidedly negative and in sharp contrast with investor and news media optimism. While the stock market is a discounting mechanism that tends to believe that it is looking forward, the question arises as to whether or not tech companies can demonstrate real operating adaptability and improvement in the new conditions, - at least till later in ’09 when earnings comparisons get easier.

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Download this file (MGI_Research_-_Extreme_EDGE_-_May_2009__Full_Report.pdf)MGI Extreme Edge - May 19th 2009

MGI Sector Update: Engineering Design Software

Engineering Design Software sector companies generally exhibit poor MGI Index scores. This is an undermanaged sector that is ripe for consolidation. This score summary covers companies Mentor Graphics, Synopsys, Autodesk, Parametric Technology and Cadence.

MGI Sector Update: E-Learning Software

Summary review of MGI Index scores of key e-Learning companies and outlook. Companies mentioned Skillsoft, Plato, Sum Total and others.

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Download this file (MGI Research Sector Update eLearning May 6th 2009.pdf)MGI Index Scores e-Learning Simmary

MGI Research - Model Portfolio Updates January 2009

For 2008, MGI Research Model Portfolios have significantly outperformed major market indices and hedge fundbenchmarks. This research note reviews 2008 performance results for MGI Research Model Portfolios and provides an overview of portfolio construction methodology and assumptions.
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Download this file (mgi research - model portfolios update - january 09.pdf)mgi research - model portfolios update - january 09.pdf

Applications Software Vendors Benchmark July 2008 - The Strong Get Stronger and the Weak Get Weaker

This report is a comprehensive look at 75 publicly held applications software companies that range in size from micro-cap firms to the leading large capitalization software companies such as Microsoft, Oracle and SAP.   Using the MGI scores the study highlights key trends in financial performance of the sector and whether the overall sector is strengthening or weakening, and which companies are improving or deteriorating.  As the title of the report states generally the poor economic backdrop accentuated the already sharp differences between the winners and losers.   The report also highlights the exceptions to the trend, as well as discussing the outlook for the sector overall.

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Download this file (MGI_ASV_Benchmark_July_1st_2008_-_FULL_REPORT.pdf)MGI_ASV_Benchmark_July_1st_2008_-_FULL_REPORT.pdf

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