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MGI 360 Ratings: Tools Group in Supply Chain Management FEB 15 2017

MGI 360 LogoINITIAL RATING: We are initiating coverage of ToolsGroup in the Supply Chain Management market with an MGI360 Rating of 58 and a POSITIVE outlook.

OPINION: ToolsGroup's probabilistic long-tail planning and machine learning capabilities separate it from its peers. Clients report ability to realize benefits from Service Optimizer 99+ product line with a fraction of resources vs using competing solutions. The solution delivers on a vision to transform point and click reactive planners into proactive operators making business outcome decisions and automating non-value added steps. ToolsGroup's management team is a seasoned mix of supply chain innovators and global market operators. With direct sales offices in 10+ regions and partners in 20+ more, the firm has been effective in building a global channel reach in key geographic markets. Clients cite ToolsGroup’s localized and knowledgeable implementation staff as differentiators.


Detailed rating data and benchmarks are available to subscribers in the rating attached below.


USE CASE: The ideal ToolsGroup use case: global make-to-stock or distribution-intensive enterprises with a focus on supply chain efficiency. 


COMPANY DESCRIPTION: Once operating in the shadow of SAP and JDA, privately held ToolsGroup is approaching critical mass, with dozens of client successes and a broadly distributed, knowledgeable sales force. The ToolsGroup single-data model and modular solution approach has enabled them to deploy a solution footprint with minimal internal integration effort and limited technical overhead. The product is currently offered as a single-tenant hosted cloud offering. ToolsGroup is investing in next generation planning techniques and partnerships.


COMPETITORS: SAP SE, JDA Software, Oracle, Logility, OM Partners, Steelwedge, Amber Road, e2open, One Network. 



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