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MGI 360 Ratings

MGI 360 RatingsMGI 360 Ratings: Structured Intelligence

MGI 360 Ratings is designed to help technology buyers save money, time, and reduce risk when selecting a vendor.  In today’s digital economy, IT is integrated into nearly every new business initiative.  Technology markets move fast, and today’s smart buyer needs up-to-date tools to assess which solution and vendor is the best fit for their needs. Amidst the vendor hype, it’s hard to determine what a product actually does, gather input from real customers, and quickly create a short-list of vendors to seriously consider.  MGI 360 Ratings condense hundreds of hours of research into simple, easy to understand ratings and recommendations.

MGI 360 Ratings provide a single score for each vendor, and based on a scale of 1-100. Each company rating includes user recommendations for the best use cases of a given solution, and calls out in plain English when a product or vendor should be avoided.  The MGI 360 Ratings methodology delves into product features and functions, vendor viability, product implementation, integration, and support issues. Included are stack rankings of vendors – making it simple and easy to compare vendors and products. Each company rating also provides bottom-line recommendations for how to get the most value from each vendor, regardless of their overall score. This comprehensive approach to rating technology vendors is objectively structured and gives business teams and IT professionals an expert view of a market, the leading vendors, and the trade-offs that customers face when selecting a given solution.

The MGI Research CIO Council and Industry Expert Advisors provide on-going input into the ratings methodology with a goal of creating a comprehensive, yet practical assessment so users can better understand the strengths, weaknesses, and best use-cases for a given solution.  Collectively the CIO Council and Expert Advisors have procured and deployed billions of dollars worth of IT solutions.  Continuous input from the CIO Council and Industry Expert Advisors ensures the MGI 360 Ratings Methodology is current, relevant, and applicable to today’s digital business demands.

Key Benefits

  • Get to your short list faster
  • Reduce project risk
  • Avoid implementation and support disappointment
  • Ensure a healthy supplier relationship and strong vendor support
  • Uncover vendor shortcomings before they occur
  • Mitigate the possibility of post-acquisition “cost creep”
  • Independent, quantitative analysis free from industry hype


  • Ratings reports on top vendors
  • A long list of all the vendors in the space
  • An in-depth Market Analysis and Sector Ranking Report
  • Access to the Ratings team


Currently available MGI 360 Ratings

  • SaaS Billing software providers
  • Cloud Service Providers 
  • Mobile Management Tools Vendors
  • Mobile Applications Development Tools Vendors
  • More categories coming out monthly


MGI 360 Ratings are available a la carte and via subscription which also includes analyst access. If you are interested in learning more about MGI 360 along with subscription terms and pricing, contact: Morgan Wynn, Director, MGI Research. Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

MGI 360 Ratings - Details

MGI 360 Ratings Description (Download)

MGI 360 Ratings - goTransverse in Billing Management Dec 15 2016

We upgrade the MGI 360 Rating of goTransverse (goT) in the Billing Management market from 53 (Feb 2016) to 56 and re-iterate Positive outlook.

MGI 360 Ratings: Lokad in Supply Chain Management NOV 30 2016

MGI 360 LogoINITIAL RATINGWe are initiating coverage of Lokad in the Supply Chain Management market with an MGI 360 Rating of 53 and a POSITIVE outlook.

MGI 360 Ratings: Steelwedge in Supply Chain Management NOV 30 2016

MGI 360 LogoINITIAL RATINGWe are initiating coverage of Steelwedge Software in Supply Chain Management market with an MGI360 Rating of 46 and a NEUTRAL outlook.

MGI 360 Rating - Chargeover OCT 3 2016 Billing Management Systems


We initiate coverage of Chargeover in the Billing Management market with an MGI 360 Rating of 50 and a Neutral outlook.


MGI 360 Ratings - Agile Billing Market Rating Report (MRR) Feb 25 2016

MGI 360 RatingsThe attached MGI 360 Market Ratings Report (MRR) on the Agile Billing Market provides structured quantitative ratings on a scale from 0 to 100 for suppliers competing in this dynamic space. It includes ratings and analysis of the following vendors: Aria Systems, Chargify, Ensim, Fusebill, goTransverse, Magnaquest, MetraTech (Ericsson), Monexa (Netsuite), Oracle, Recurly, SAP SE, Vindicia and Zuora and commentary on many more.

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