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Industry Studies

In addition to its continuous research efforts, MGI analysts periodically conduct in-depth industry studies of markets and trends that could have a long-lasting non-linear impact on the technology industry and an overall economy. These industry studies are often done in conjunction with major academic institutions, regulatory bodies and NGOs, and include primary research and interviews with hundreds of key decision makers, practioners and industry thought leaders. A limited number of commercial sponsorship opportunities is available each year in conjunction with the Industry Studies. The sponsorships afford technology companies an exclusive opportunity to participate in a leading edge industry research project alongisde leading industry analysts and academics. MGI industry studies focus on durable emerging technology trends with an in-depth analysis of technological break-throughs, buyer motivations, economic drivers, budgets, spending intentions and perception and ranking of suppliers.  

Current Industry Studies

IT Energy Efficiency

The purpose of the long-term IT Energy Economics Study is to identify current trends in IT energy consumption, costs, best practices and demand for advanced, power-efficient technology. The study has a specific focus on uncovering key metrics that separate best-in-class from average energy efficiency. The study will analyze energy use in data centers and IT organizations, including a broad look at corporate strategies, best practices, metrics, and user plans and spending intent for products and services that help control IT-related energy costs. The study also aims to provide a realistic assessment of awareness and adoption of government energy efficiency subsidies. MGI's academic partner for this study is Dr. Michael Greenstone, - 3M Professor of Environmental Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Executive Director of The Hamilton Project.  Dr. Greenstone was formerly the chief economist to the White House Council of Economic Advisors.

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