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Wednesday, Oct 28th

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Supply Chain Management: Key Issues

Innovation, speed, effectiveness and accuracy in a supply chain have become the existential determinants of success for today’s consumer-centric enterprises. In this report we outline our key issues for our Supply Chain Management (SCM) research agenda.


Across a spectrum of size, industries, business models, geographies and stage of maturity, organizations are finding that in the age of same-day shipping, deep visibility, near realtime planning systems, delivery via drones, IoT tracked shipping containers and Uber-like cargo transport services their 15-20 year old supply chain management (SCM) systems are hardly the magic bullet that can create the extra competitive edge. Our field research in this area indicates that many progressive enterprises are beginning to significantly re-architect, re-engineering, re-tool and in some cases replace their legacy SCM solutions.

In our research in the supply chain management space, we’re exploring ten topics under four themes: investment decision making in supply chain management, patterns of supply chain innovation and excellence, the technology pressures on supply chains, and consumer pressures on supply chains. The key issues are summarized below. Details are contained in the research note below.

  1. How are the highest value supply chain opportunities being identified?
  2. How can corporations prepare for the supply chain of 2020 using 90’s era planning?
  3. What’s the value threshold below which firms are cancelling renewable vendor agreements?
  4. Where are the sources of supply chain innovation?
  5. Who are the winners and losers amongst vendors of supply chain management technologies?
  6. How are organizations quantifying supply chain excellence?
  7. How are firms using cloud technologies to improve supply chain performance?
  8. Build vs Buy vs. Rent: what’s the right approach when it comes to acquiring supply chain solutions?
  9. How much upside performance are organizations willing to sacrifice to run on spreadsheets?
  10. How can the realities of volatility and the insights from granularity improve supply chain plans?
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