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Supply Chain

MGI Research Supply Chain Catalyst program helps business and IT executives, technology companies and institutional investors make critical go/no-go decisions on supply chain strategies, product roadmaps, strategic investments, pricing and negotiations. Backed by a unique combination of strategic, technical and business expertise and a database of MGI 360 Ratings on key providers of supply chain technology, MGI Research provides an unmatched combination of user insights, published research, market forecasts, and confidential advisory services.  The research is updated continuously, and subscribers have unlimited, direct access to the research resources and the MGI analyst team.


Select Key Issues:

  • Which emerging Supply Chain Management (SCM) strategies and technologies will actually deliver real value?
  • How are cloud technologies redefining supply chain practices and solutions?
  • Is your investment in supply chain practices and tools keeping pace with the competition?
  • Who are the winners and losers among supply chain management vendors?
  • Is it time to re-consider the buy vs build decision in supply chain?
  • Are you receiving value from your SCM vendors?
  • How will SCM pricing and licensing models evolve?
  • Where are the sources of innovation in supply chain? 
  • What organizational and process changes are necessary to leverage cloud SCM technologies?
  • What will be the impact of emerging trends like IoT and Big Data on transportation and SCM?
  • Which SCM vendors are the likely IPO and/or M&A targets?

Select Vendors Under Coverage: JDA Software, SAP, Oracle, Kinaxis, Steelwedge, Kuebix, Kewill Inc, Blue Ridge Software, Tools Group, Llamasoft, o9 Solutions, e2open, 4R systems, Solvoyo, Mercury Gate, Highjump, CH Robinson


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Supply Chain Management: Key Issues

Innovation, speed, effectiveness and accuracy in a supply chain have become the existential determinants of success for today’s consumer-centric enterprises. In this report we outline our key issues for our Supply Chain Management (SCM) research agenda.

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Download this file (MGI Research - Supply Chain Management Key Issues 2016.pdf)Supply Chain Management Systems: Key Issues

Supply Chain Management: Honeywell May Acquire JDA Software

A First Shot in the Supply Chain Management Arms Race

The potential Honeywell (NYSE: HON) acquisition of JDA (see attached research note) not only fits this Fortune 100 company’s growth strategy, but could set off a wave of investments, mergers, divestments, and acquisitions in the supply chain technology space.  

Attachments: (For Subscribers)
Download this file (Honeywell May Acquire JDA Software.pdf)Honeywell May Acquire JDA Software