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Non-linear changes in software industry technology and economics are up-ending the traditional notions of competitive barriers and valuation parameters. Agile development techniques are dislodging traditional economic assumptions of the buy vs. build decision. New mobile and social platforms are challenging software suppliers technologically, while SaaS and the cloud are shaking their sense of economic certainty. Will the future of the traditional software industry can end up being that of an asset in decline, or one experiencing explosive growth and a dramatic increase in valuations? In this context, MGI coverage of Software focuses on the interplay between incumbent and emerging software trends, technologies and vendors.

  • Which established vendors are best positioned to succeed in the current software environment? Which are most at risk?
  • Can innovation propel legacy software vendors into the new world of Software 2.0?
  • Is social media an opportunity or a threat to software providers?
  • What does the M&A landscape look like for vendors, investors, and users?
  • Is the Buy vs. Build debate back form the dead? What is the new economic landscape?
  • How will Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, and SAP drive the competitive landscape in software? Will a new $1 billion vendor appear?
  • What can CIOs do to avoid lock-in into obsolete software technologies?
  • What are the emerging best practices for software licensing and procurement?

Companies covered include Microsoft, CA, BMC Software,, SAP, Oracle, Adobe and many others - public and private.

Beyond the Mid-market – SAP Bets the Future on Business ByDesign

Positioned as a product for midsize companies with 100-500employees, Business ByDesign (formerly referred to as A1S) is much more than that. It is clearly the next-generation, "bet-thecompany"product for SAP. Can SAP deliver? In a related note, -  "SAP Business ByDesign BETA Customer Interview", we got a first hand interview with one of the early SAP BBD BETA accounts. To see the full content of this Research Note, please CLICK HERE.

SAP Business ByDesign Beta Customer Interview

In the wake of the hype and commentary on SAP’s mid-market product announcement on September 19, 2007 (See MGI Research report “Beyond the MidMarket – SAP Bets the Future on Business ByDesign” for our analysis), we’ve begun interviews with SAP’s beta customers. Here’s what the Fesnak & Associates’  partner in charge of the SAP BBD project had to say about their experience so far. To see the full content of this Research Note, please CLICK HERE.

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