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Friday, Nov 27th

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20 Questions with MetraTech CEO Scott Swartz

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Research Summary

Managing billing and compensation calculations for complex business relationships has always been a challenge for enterprises. The modern business environment with its diverse set of participants, fractured data elements and increased pace of change - have all amplified the need for robust, scalable solutions in this area. Cloud computing and SaaS brought forth a possibility of making out-of-the-box complex business functions be widely available on the Internet as web services for the Enterprise. In a way, cloud levels the competitive playing field in this area, as even small and medium sized businesses can now gain access to highly sophisticated and flexible billing and compensation calculation mechanisms that previously were only affordable by the very large firms. The market for “monetization” solutions – systems to handle both the billing (revenue) side of the equation, and the compensation/settlement side is growing rapidly as companies seek technology platforms capable of supporting new business processes. To shed light on the business drivers and dynamics of this market, we have invited the CEO of MetraTech Scott Swartz to join us for a 20 Questions session.