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MGI Research coverage enables IT executives, users and investors to make more informed, timely and critical go/no-go decisions on issues that directly affect valuations, market entry and exit, major investments, acquisitions and divestitures. MGI core quantitative research helps technology vendors and investors to more accurately assess and benchmark company operating performance and strategy and identify ways for improvement in growth, gains in market share and valuation multiples. MGI core quant data underpins MGI Advisory Services and Benchmarking engagements. Research themes focus on the major non-linear industry trends such as virtualization, cloud computing, SaaS, emerging mobile platforms, 4G, social media and Agile and their impact on the user, vendor and investor strategies. Access to MGI research materials is available by Subscription. Select research notes are available in our Research Store. Subscribers get priority access to all published research as well as analyst consultation. Among companies covered are, Oracle, Google, Microsoft, SAP, IBM, HP, CA, BMC and others.

MGI 360 Ratings - Aria Systems in Billing Management May 4 2018

RATING UPDATE: We are downgrading the MGI 360 Rating of Aria Systems to 50 and maintain a NEUTRAL outlook, reflecting a sharp deceleration of the business, lower scores in Product, Management, Strategy, and Finance

MGI 360 Ratings - Zuora in Billing Management May 2 2018

MGI 360 RatingsRATING UPDATE: We increase MGI 360 rating of Zuora in the Billing Management market from 61 to 62 and re-iterate a POSITIVE outlook. 
Attachments: (For Subscribers)
Download this file (MGI Research Tech Co Rating ZUOR BILL 2018-05-02.pdf)MGI 360 Ratings - Zuora in Billing Management May 2 2018

MGI 360 Ratings - BillingPlatform in Billing Management JAN 5 2018

MGI Research LogoRATING UPDATE: We are upgrading the MGI360 Rating of Billing Platform from 54 to 56 and maintain POSITIVE outlook.

MGI Forecasts: Agile Monetization Platform (AMP) Software 2018-2022

We updated the MGI Forecast of the total addressable market (TAM) for Agile Monetization Platform (AMP) software from 2018 to 2022.
Attachments: (For Subscribers)
Download this file (MGI Research - AMP SOFTWARE TAM Forecast 2018-2022.pdf)MGI Research AMP Software TAM Forecast 2018-2022

Cloud ERP Reaches Key Milestone – Massive MFG Deal Inked

MGI Research has learned that a Fortune 500 company signed a groundbreaking deal with Rootstock Software to supply the next generation of SaaS-based ERP solutions.

Attachments: (For Subscribers)
Download this file (MGI Research - Cloud ERP Reaches a Key Milestone_published.pdf)Cloud ERP Reaches a Key Milestone

MGI 360 Ratings - Oracle BRM in Billing Management October 5 2017

RATING UPDATE: We reduce the MGI 360 Rating of Oracle BRM in the Billing Management Market from 63 to 59 and maintain a Neutral outlook.

Delivering a Digitized 360 View of the Customer - 20 Questions with Pramata CEO Praful Saklani

Praful Saklani CEO of PramataAs large enterprises seek greater business agility, having a complete and accurate view of each customer relationship is challenging. Progressive companies are looking at new ways to address this age-old problem. To give us insight into creating a comprehensive digital view of the customer, we invited Praful Saklani, founder and CEO of Pramata to join us for 20 Questions – an MGI Research Interview Series with leading technology industry executives, innovators, and investors.

Attachments: (For Subscribers)
Download this file (MGI 20 Questions- Pramata CEO Praful Saklani.pdf)Delivering a Digitized 360 Degree View of the Customer

MGI 360 Ratings - JustOn Gmbh in Billing Management SEP 7 2017

MGI 360 RatingINITIAL RATING: We initiate coverage of JustOn Gmbh in the Billing Management market with an MGI 360 Rating of 49 and a Neutral outlook. 

MGI 360 Ratings: Amdocs Optima in Billing Management AUG 1 2017

MGI 360 Logo INITIAL RATING: We initiate coverage of Amdocs Optima in the Billing Management market with an MGI 360 Rating of 56 and a Neutral outlook.

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