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MGI Research coverage enables IT executives, users and investors to make more informed, timely and critical go/no-go decisions on issues that directly affect valuations, market entry and exit, major investments, acquisitions and divestitures. MGI core quantitative research helps technology vendors and investors to more accurately assess and benchmark company operating performance and strategy and identify ways for improvement in growth, gains in market share and valuation multiples. MGI core quant data underpins MGI Advisory Services and Benchmarking engagements. Research themes focus on the major non-linear industry trends such as virtualization, cloud computing, SaaS, emerging mobile platforms, 4G, social media and Agile and their impact on the user, vendor and investor strategies. Access to MGI research materials is available by Subscription. Select research notes are available in our Research Store. Subscribers get priority access to all published research as well as analyst consultation. Among companies covered are, Oracle, Google, Microsoft, SAP, IBM, HP, CA, BMC and others.

Beyond the Mid-market – SAP Bets the Future on Business ByDesign

Positioned as a product for midsize companies with 100-500employees, Business ByDesign (formerly referred to as A1S) is much more than that. It is clearly the next-generation, "bet-thecompany"product for SAP. Can SAP deliver? In a related note, -  "SAP Business ByDesign BETA Customer Interview", we got a first hand interview with one of the early SAP BBD BETA accounts. To see the full content of this Research Note, please CLICK HERE.

SAP Business ByDesign Beta Customer Interview

In the wake of the hype and commentary on SAP’s mid-market product announcement on September 19, 2007 (See MGI Research report “Beyond the MidMarket – SAP Bets the Future on Business ByDesign” for our analysis), we’ve begun interviews with SAP’s beta customers. Here’s what the Fesnak & Associates’  partner in charge of the SAP BBD project had to say about their experience so far. To see the full content of this Research Note, please CLICK HERE.

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