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MGI Research coverage enables IT executives, users and investors to make more informed, timely and critical go/no-go decisions on issues that directly affect valuations, market entry and exit, major investments, acquisitions and divestitures. MGI core quantitative research helps technology vendors and investors to more accurately assess and benchmark company operating performance and strategy and identify ways for improvement in growth, gains in market share and valuation multiples. MGI core quant data underpins MGI Advisory Services and Benchmarking engagements. Research themes focus on the major non-linear industry trends such as virtualization, cloud computing, SaaS, emerging mobile platforms, 4G, social media and Agile and their impact on the user, vendor and investor strategies. Access to MGI research materials is available by Subscription. Select research notes are available in our Research Store. Subscribers get priority access to all published research as well as analyst consultation. Among companies covered are, Oracle, Google, Microsoft, SAP, IBM, HP, CA, BMC and others.

20 Questions on Agile with Israel Gat

In spite of the massive amount of innovation and scientific breakthroughs in technology, software development remains a bottleneck for organizations trying to build and deploy new business applications, and also for software companies attempting to accelerate development cycles. MGI Research recently conducted an in-depth interview with Dr. Israel Gat, a widely recognized expert in the areas of Agile programming methodologies, and well-regarded pioneer of the concept of "Technical Debt", an emergent hot topic with CFOs and CEOs trying to understand their IT investments. Prior to launching his private consultancy, Israel led the Agile transformation at BMC Software that eventually encompassed over 1,000 developers around the globe. Prior to BMC, Israel has served in executive roles at IBM, EMC and Microsoft. Currently, Dr. Gat serves as the Director of the Cutter Consortium's Agile Product and Project Management Practice, and he consults to major organizations and software companies around the world. He is the author of The Concise Executive Guide to Agile.

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Download this file (MGI_Research_-_20_Questions_with_Agile_Guru_Dr_Israel_Gat.pdf)20 Questions on Agile with Israel Gat

20 Questions - Interview with Paul Devalier, CIO of Sidel

MGI Research recently conducted an in-depth interview with Mr. Paul Devalier,- Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Sidel, a global engineering and service company in the beverage packaging industry.Sidel has more than 300,000 machines installed in 190 countries. In his role as a CIO, Mr. Devalier leads the IT operations that support 13 production facilities and over 5,000 employees world-wide. The interview focuses on key issues facing CIOs today:

  • How to optimize IT budgets?
  • How to prioritize spending?
  • What can CIOs do in practical terms to improve IT's relationship with the business?
  • What are the macro level opportunities and risks facing CIOsand IT organizations today?
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Download this file (MGI_Research_-_20_Questions_with_Paul_Devalier_CIO_Sidel.pdf)20 Questions with Paul Devalier

20 Questions - Interview with Roy Singham, Chairman of ThoughtWorks, Inc.

Roy SinghamAgile programming methods are revolutionizing how software is delivered, and companies that adopt Agile methods today are often leaders in their industry. While a well-known concept within the software development community, the full effect of Agile remains largely unfamiliar to investors and business executives. To examine the full impact of Agile, Andrew Dailey of MGI Research recently conducted an in-depth interview with Roy Singham, the founder and Chairman of ThoughtWorks, - a global consultancy and software company that specializes in Agile projects and tools. The interview focuses on how Agile impacts business and technology strategies, its impact on the software industry as a whole, the state of the buy vs. build economics and the scale and adoption of Agile. More...

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Download this file (MGI_Research_-_20_Questions_with_Roy_Singham,_ThoughtWorks_Inc_Chairman.pdf)20 Questions with Roy Singham

20 Questions with Joe Fitzgerald, Founder and CEO of ManageIQ

Joe Fitzgerald, CEO of ManageIQWith all of the attention focused on virtualization, we wanted to take a reality check on the state of the virtualization market and its market adoption. For in-depth insight, we reached out to Joe Ftizgerald, - CEO of ManageIQ, a company focused on the emerging market for virtualization management tools. This session takes a critical look at the state of the virtualization market and the growth factors that are shaping both opportunities and risks for investors and technology CEOs. Is virtualization reaching it peak? What are the most interesting opportunities stemming from virtualization? More....

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Download this file (MGI_Research_-_20_Questions_with_Joe_Fitzgerald_CEO_and_Founder_of_ManageIQ.pdf)20 Questions with Joe Fitzgerald, CEO of ManageIQ

Dreamforce 2010 - What Has Changed a Year Later?

Dreamforce 2010

Summary: Dreamforce 2010, the latest gathering of customers and partners, marks an inflection point for the company. With new products to fuel growth, and a track record of execution, joins Microsoft, Oracle and SAP as a leader in enterprise applications.   The company (MGI-Index: 996) does not currently compete in core transactional business systems (e.g., ERP, financials), nor is it likely to do so anytime soon. Where it distinguishes itself is around its vision of applications in the cloud, and its desire to be the dominant platform for enterprise cloud applications.

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Download this file (MGI_Research_-_Dreamforce_2010_Review.pdf)Dreamforce 2010 Review

$246 million Jury Verdict Against i2 and JDA Software Highlights Hidden Risks

Stock_Image___Justice_Gavel_559567917Today's announcement of the $246 million jury verdict against i2/JDA Software highlights the hidden legal risks that are often poorly understood by technology investors and management.  The size of this jury award is unprecedented in the software industry and will likely have broad ramifications beyond the scope of JDA Software as a mid-size provider of enterprise applications.

Lessons From Oracle's GSA Contracting Whistleblower Case

Lessons From Oracle's GSA Contracting Whistleblower CaseIn a case involving a former employee turned whistleblower, Oracle was yesterday sued by the US Department of Justice for alleged violations of GSA software contracts. Given the current economic climate and the budget challenges facing governments at all levels, we would not be surprised to see more cases like the one in question to be brought forward by other jurisdictions and involving other vendors.

SAP Hits the Product Transition Wall - What Next?

SAP hits prdocut Transistion Wall...The sudden departure of its CEO and other senior executives are symptoms of a larger problem at SAP - namely the lack of a clear strategic direction. In MGI's view, SAP is at a crossroads unlike anything it has faced in the recent past, and this crisis comes at a time when the company faces a deficit in an area that used to be its core strength - the depth of its management team. This research note explores SAP's challenges, risks, and opportunities, and outlines possible scenario outcomes and what they mean for investors, partners, competitors, and customers.

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Download this file (MGI_Research_-_SAP_Scenario_-_What's_Next.pdf)SAP Hits Product Transition Wall - What Next?

MGI Research Score Snapshot - Microsoft Corp

For all the power of the Microsoft franchise, there has been little doubt that the company has been struggling during the past several years as is well reflected in the surprisingly modest MGI-X scores. Importantly, though, our predictions of improvement in MSFT economics and business cycle are generating confirmation indicators and beginning to bear fruit for investors. Although the shares have broken out above the $28-$29 price range we discussed in our note of September 17th, we continue to view the shares as attractive. MSFT is announcing Dec 2009 earnings on Jan 28th 2010.

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Download this file (MGI_Research_MSFT_Sep_2009.pdf)Microsoft MGI Index Update for Qtr Ending Sep 2009

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