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How Much Does a Mobile App Cost? How Long Does it Take?

Cost of Mobile AppOne of the key issues we encounter in our mobile practice is a simple question that continues to baffle most enterprises: How long should it take to develop a mobile app and how much money will it cost? One would expect that as business units and IT organizations become more experienced with mobile app development, they would get more precise with their estimates and establish internal benchmarks and metrics. Yet, in talking with various companies, we find that there is a broad spectrum of timeframes and budgets even for anything that is above a basic single page mobile app.  MGI Research recently conducted the State of Mobile Apps industry study focused on mobile app development, management and security. In this research report we highlight survey data focused on timeframes and budgets. CLICK HERE to access the full copy of this report.

What Defines Leaders in Mobile Apps?

mgi research state of mobile apps spring 2014 - coverMGI Research recently conducted the State of Mobile Apps industry study focused on mobile app development, management and security. Across all industries, companies of all sizes are deploying mobile apps to capture new customers, open new markets and create new revenue opportunities. The State of Mobile Apps study collected unique data points related to how enterprises plan, budget, develop, and deploy mobile apps.
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Download this file (MGI Research - State of Mobile Apps SUMMARY SPRING 2014.pdf)What Defines Leaders in Mobile Apps

The Future of Mobile Apps – One on One with a Market Leader

2011 was a landmark year in which more apps were developed for mobile devices than for all other platforms combined. Enterprise demand for building mobile apps is hot – and hasn’t gone unnoticed by the major software companies.  SAP’s recently acquired Syclo, and Symantec announced two mobile software deals in March.  Sam Lakkundi, the head of strategy at Kony Solutions, a leading provider of mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) offers his views on the future of mobile apps, the opportunities and risks associated with HTML5, and what leading financial services companies are doing to differentiate themselves with mobile apps.

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Download this file (MGI Research - 20 Questions with Sam Lakkundi Kony Solutions.pdf)20 Questions with Sam Lakkundi of Kony Solutions

Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms (MEAPs): A Buyer’s Guide

Mobility is becoming the mainstream platform for application access and for on-line transactions. This research report aims to help companies optimize their mobile development strategies and make more intelligent choices with regard to mobile app development tools. We examine the various strategies for automating mobile apps development and specifically look at the applicability and requirements for Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms (MEAPs) - software development environments that can automate creation of mobile applications for many mobile environments from a single code base. The report focuses on how organizations can transition their mobile application strategies from disposable to reusable, from artisanal to industrial, what tools are appropriate for which types of mobile apps and how to evaluate such tools. The research contained in the report blends and balances both the LOB and marketing views of mobile choices with those emanating from within the IT organizations. To view a PDF version of this Buyer's Guide Summary please, click here

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Download this file (MGI Research - Mobile Apps Platforms Buyers Guide Feb 2012.pdf)MEAP Buyer's Guide

Google Buys Motorola Mobility: Bullet Train or Train Wreck?

While Google's Android market share growth is on a fast track, so are the lawsuits over patent violations,the complaints about platform fragmentation and unease about how the company will monetize its mobile business.The purchase of Motorola Mobility Solutions (MMI) dramatically raises the table stakes for Google. One would hope that a deal of such magnitude would result in greater strategic clarity. Instead, in the wake of the announcement, technology buyers, Google Android partners and investors are left with more questions than answers. We believe the key issues for investors and other stakeholders lay at the potential disruption to the viral adoption of the Android portfolio. In this research note we examine key issues related to this acquisition and explore various outcomes that have direct impact on the future makeup of the Android market ecosystem.
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Download this file (MGI Research - Google and MMI - Bullet Train or a Train Wreck.pdf)Google Acquires Motorola Mobility Solutions
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