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Monday, Oct 26th

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Internet Valuation Gaps and Targets NOV 2013

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Research Summary

Using Internet company valuation formulas published on Oct 29th 2013 in “Internet Valuation 2013: What Price is Right?”, we analyze gaps between actual and predicted prices of Internet equities. This research report highlights target prices for Internet companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, EBay, Priceline, TripAdvisor, AOL, Google and many others. As this research note went to print, Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) IPO was priced at $26 per share. We include Twitter in our valuation gap analysis based on that price and spotlights its target prices based on current Twitter run-rate as well as its 2014 targets. All other data reflects prices as of end of trading on Nov 6 2013.

Key Issues

  • What are the correct metrics for Internet company valuations?
  • How will mobile impact growth trajectories for leading social media firms?
  • What attributes separate top and bottom ranked Internet companies?
  • Are Internet companies over or under-valued?

7 pages


Companies discussed in this research report include:

  • Google Inc
  • Facebook Inc
  • eBay Inc
  • Priceline.Com
  • Baidu Inc Yahoo! Inc
  • Linkedin Corp
  • Yandex NV
  • Tripadvisor Inc
  • Qihoo 360 Technology Co Ltd
  • Expedia Inc
  • Groupon Inc
  • Sina Corporation
  • Iac/Interactivecorp
  • Yelp Inc
  • Zillow Inc
  • Aol Inc
  • Zynga Inc
  • Homeaway Inc
  • Opentable Inc
  • Trulia Inc
  • Renren Inc
  • Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (ADR)
  • Angies List Inc
  • Bazaarvoice Inc
  • Move Inc
  • Icg Group Inc
  • Millennial Media Inc
  • Demand Media Inc
  • Brightcove Inc
  • Xo Group Inc
  • Meetme Inc
  • Autobytel Inc
  • Travelzoo Inc
  • CafePress Inc
  • Twitter