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Monday, Oct 26th

Last update02:31:08 AM GMT

MGI Research IT Energy Efficiency Study Launched

Researcg IT Study LaunchedMGI Research, in collaboration with Dr. Michael Greenstone, 3M Professor of Environmental Economics at MIT, is conducting a primary research study of energy use in data centers and IT organizations, including a broad look at corporate strategies, spending intent, and user rankings of vendors and the credibility of product claims associated with energy efficiency. This landmark research project will yield invaluable insights and data on corporate budgets for energy efficiency and the growing influence of energy consumption on IT decision-making. MGi Research has announced the formal launch of its landmark study, The IT Energy Paradox. Conducted with the full research support of Dr. Michael Greenstone, 3M Professor of Environmental Economics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (and recent Chief Economist for the Council of Economic Advisors), the study aims to address the need for greater insight into one of the most important topics facing users and vendors alike - the insatiable demand for energy caused by the explosive growth in data.  Today, data centers account for 2% of total power use in the USA, and globally, data centers produce more green house gas emissions than the entire country of Argentina.  Green IT is quickly shifting from a purely environmental issue to being a bottom line concern for CFOs and CEOs as the cost of providing power and cooling to a typical server can exceed its purchase price within 18 months. By surveying hundreds of key decision makers, MGI Research and Dr. Greenstone aim to compile a comprehensive, fact-based view of corporate IT energy initiatives and gain deeper insights into how companies are budgeting for energy costs, which vendors are perceived as thought-leaders in IT energy efficiency, and how buying decisions will be altered by the growing need for data centers and energy to power them.  Market discontinuities and spending implications of key trends like cloud computing and virtualization will be investigated as a part of this research study.