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MGI 360 Ratings - JustOn Gmbh in Billing Management SEP 25 2018

RATING UPDATE: We raise the MGI 360 Rating of JustOn Gmbh from 49 to 53 and maintain a NEUTRAL outlook. 
OPINION: JustOn offers a Salesforce-native billing automation product with a lot of functionality packed into a tool that can be rapidly implemented. Sales channels and strategy are still evolving but JustOn already developed a loyal following among customers in media, digital services, real estate and other sectors. Product score rose from 10.14 to 10.95. Management score increased from 9.98 to 10.26. Channel score is up from 5.32 to 7.93 reflecting greater use of online sales and increased deal flow from partnerships as well as higher efficacy of the in-house sales effort. Marketing score is up from 10.24 to 10.45 as brand visibility improves. Finance score is unchanged at 13.17.
USE CASE: EU companies with limited or no IT resources, revenues < $100 Million with medium complexity mix of subscription, usage and tiered billing needs, 5K to 20K invoices per month with a seamless integration into accounting and sales systems. Implementation cycles are measured from days to weeks.
COMPANY DESCRIPTION: JustOn Gmbh is a Jena, Germany-based billing automation software supplier that has grown rapidly to 100+ customers of which majority are in Europe and a few in North America. The company product appeals to ecosystem companies that need more capability than what is offered by Salesforce Billing and comparable SMB solutions. There is no pre-requisite to be a current customer. The company is led by its founding team, is self-funded, growing rapidly in terms of staff and revenues and is profitable.
COMPETITORS: BillWerk, SFDC, Fusebill, Chargeover, Chargify, Zuora (in larger clients),
MGI 360 Ratings is a comprehensive system for evaluating technology companies. IT organizations use MGI 360 to track suppliers, assess purchasing risks and identify promising new vendors. Vendors utilize MGI 360 to track their markets and evaluate partners. Institutional investors use MGI 360 for independent assessment of tech companies. MGI 360 ratings help lower costs, save time, reduce risks, and identify new opportunities. 
The MGI 360 ratings are on a scale from 0 to 100 and reflect company opinions of MGI analysts in five key areas on a scale of 0 to 20:
  • PRODUCT: How strong is the product competitive position
  • MANAGEMENT: How competent and experienced is the management team
  • CHANNELS: Does the company have a sales capability and channels needed to bring products to market?
  • STRATEGY: Does the company have a realistic view of the opportunity and a compelling strategy for success?
  • FINANCE: Is the company growing and profitable
Each of these key criteria is subdivided into numerous sub-categories. In total, over 149 criteria are combined to generate an MGI 360 rating in each specific market space. Companies can have one or more MGI 360 rating - one for each market. MGI 360 ratings are revised as important developments occur. While the MGI 360 rating process is comprehensive, this scoring system is not meant to be a predictor of company solvency, liquidity, absence of accounting fraud or stock performance. Access to MGI 360 Ratings is by subscription.
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