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Monday, Jun 01st

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The Three Key Trends Shaping Cloud Computing

We examine the three dominant themes that are beginning to define the speed and trajectory of cloud computing: A - the shift from confrontation to collaboration between central IT and cloud vendors, B - the increasing complexity of cloud migration options and strategies and their impact on virtualization, and C - the dramatically rising focus on cloud security and management issues by both central IT as well as the LOB buyers of cloud services. We expect the pace of adoption for cloud computing to accelerate. The current shift from confrontation to collaboration between central IT and the cloud providers, signals a removal of a significant road-block to cloud adoption. The challenges posed by cloud security and management issues are serious, but are not the insurmountable barriers to broader adoption of cloud computing. Both the cloud as well as virtualization are driving a redefinition of the requirements landscape for security and management tools. This disruption creates a growth opportunity for cloud start-ups and a challenge for incumbent vendors of software and security tools such as CA, BMC, HPQ and IBM. We expect the re-acceleration in this space to benefit RAX, AMZN, CRM, CNQR, TLEO, KNXA, as well as the cybersecurity vendor group. This report is a must read for anyone interested in gaining an in-depth insight of the current business and technical trends that are shaping the opportunity for cloud computing.
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