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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is proving to be both a threat and an opportunity for technology vendors and CIOs. MGI's coverage of cloud computing  dispels the myths surrounding cloud computing and highlights the benefits, risks and impact on IT spending. 

Current key issues covered by MGI Research in Cloud Computing include, but are not limited to:

  • Who are the winners and losers of cloud computing?
  • What are the economics of cloud computing?
  • What new business models are enabled by the cloud?
  • What are the trade-offs of the various cloud computing architectures?
  • What role will frameworks play in adoption of cloud computing?
  • What are the limitations of cloud computing – is it a zero-sum game for the IT industry?
Research coverage focuses on cloud computing trends for infrastructure, platform, application and tool providers. Companies covered include  Rackspace,, Google, Akamai and many others - established and emerging, public and private. 

Dreamforce 2010 - What Has Changed a Year Later?

Dreamforce 2010

Summary: Dreamforce 2010, the latest gathering of customers and partners, marks an inflection point for the company. With new products to fuel growth, and a track record of execution, joins Microsoft, Oracle and SAP as a leader in enterprise applications.   The company (MGI-Index: 996) does not currently compete in core transactional business systems (e.g., ERP, financials), nor is it likely to do so anytime soon. Where it distinguishes itself is around its vision of applications in the cloud, and its desire to be the dominant platform for enterprise cloud applications.

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