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The Future of Mobile Apps - Conversation with Sam Lakkundi, Head of Strategy for Kony Solutions

Posted by MGI Research
MGI Research
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on Monday, 16 April 2012 in Mobile Computing

We recently interviewed Sam Lakkundi, - VP of Strategy for Kony Solutions, - a rapidly growing supplier of mobile enterprise development tools. During this candid,  in-depth session, we touched on a number of key questions that help frame the perimeter and growth characteristics of mobile applications markets. Specifically, the session focused on a number of core topics such as:


  • What are the opportunities and risks brought forth by HTML5?
  • Are the security risks in mobile apps being overblown or are the typical mobile security risks more significant than what the users and observers perceive to be the case?
  • Is the mobile apps market beginning to tilt more from B2C to B2E mobile apps?
  • What are the realistic expectations for mobile apps adoption and how that impacts the size and growth of the market for mobile apps development tools
  • What are the pragmatic enterprise approaches to mobile apps development?
  • How will the competitive landscape evolve for mobile apps development tools?


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