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20 Questions with MGI Research

Provocative, in depth and structured conversations with leading innovators, thinkers, seasoned observers, investors and influencers. Hosted by MGI Research analysts, and 20 Questions interview sessions focus on the most disruptive trends impacting technology markets today.

  • Guests are handpicked by MGI and serve at the executive level – e.g., CEO, CFO, CIO, CTO titles.
  • Independent unvarnished perspectives from the people who are making it happen today
  • Executive access – points of view from practitioners who typically do not give interviews
  • Exposure to potent industry insights that are often outside the mainstream conversation
Access to 20 Questions is by subscription. Subscribers receive complete interview transcripts, private announcements of upcoming sessions, the ability to submit interview questions, access to select live interview sessions and analyst consultation.


20 Questions with Joe Fitzgerald, Founder and CEO of ManageIQ

Joe Fitzgerald, CEO of ManageIQWith all of the attention focused on virtualization, we wanted to take a reality check on the state of the virtualization market and its market adoption. For in-depth insight, we reached out to Joe Ftizgerald, - CEO of ManageIQ, a company focused on the emerging market for virtualization management tools. This session takes a critical look at the state of the virtualization market and the growth factors that are shaping both opportunities and risks for investors and technology CEOs. Is virtualization reaching it peak? What are the most interesting opportunities stemming from virtualization? More....

Attachments: (For Subscribers)
Download this file (MGI_Research_-_20_Questions_with_Joe_Fitzgerald_CEO_and_Founder_of_ManageIQ.pdf)20 Questions with Joe Fitzgerald, CEO of ManageIQ

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